Study abroad in the USA 2020 - Conditions for studying abroad in the USA

Studying abroad in the US 2020 is the desire of many students in the world, including Vietnam. With the best teaching conditions, life is guaranteed with a high standard of living and many prestigious universities, colleges. However, to study oversea in the US you need to meet the eligibility requirements. What are the conditions for studying abroad in the US? ... Let find the answers with Globalway in the article below.


To study abroad in the US, you need to meet the following conditions:

Students must have an I-20 offer of admission from US schools

I-20 is a letter of admission, also known as a notice of admission to the school students have applied to study abroad. To be able to receive offers from American schools, students must meet the individual admission criteria of each school. For overseas high school students who do not review academic records, English certificates, and extra-curricular activities in the home country ... Students will also have to interview directly with the school representative.

However, applying for I-20 at top US schools will not be too difficult. Besides the standard documents, the interview round will be a deciding factor for I-20 admission letter. Therefore, students need to be well-prepared and have a firm, confident mentality to pass the evaluation phase of school representatives.

I-20 will be one of the factors that give students a ticket to the US. Besides Visa, this is a significant document, guaranteed for your admission in the US. Remember to sign before submitting I-20 to the Consulate to apply for Visa, your signature is as meaningful as accepting the requirements and laws of the school you apply for and also is the permission of the school to provide your necessary information to the immigration office.

Students must prove the financial ability when studying abroad in the US

Studying abroad in the US is not an easy task, besides the requirements of the schools, proving financial ability is another difficult problem. This is an important issue to consider over the long term. Once students intend to study in the US, they first need to have a detailed plan for the entire study process when studying abroad in the US such as tuition, living expenses, books, transportation, accommodation... In addition, the cost of living in different regions is also different.

In general, the actual average cost for a year of university study is $20,000 - $30,000 USD. Total annual costs are expected to increase to about 5%. Those are just the tuition fee in the United States, every student must ensure proof of income and available assets of the family in banks or other legal saving accounts.

Depending on the amount of tuition for each school that student applies for, the financial requirements will vary, but generally, schools require a balance in family's bank to be greater than the tuition fee and living expenses for 1 to 2 years in the US. This is a mandatory requirement so they can trust the student family's affordability.

In addition, the monthly income (or yearly, depending on the judgment) of the parent or guardian must be at an acceptable limit in order to ensure the payment of tuition for students throughout the studying process in the US. In particular, in Vietnam, the small-scale trade rarely uses book papers to record income, so this financial proof will face many difficulties. Therefore, the advice for those who have wanted to study in the US is from the beginning to pay attention to the issue of authentication of this property and have a specific plan in advance.

English ability

Depending on the different schools that have different requirements, usually TOEFL IBT (test on the internet) requires about 70-80 points to be assured or for TOEFL PBT (paper-based test), the universities all require the score ranges from 500 to 550. For graduate programs, the average level is from 550 to 600. There are many universities in the US that recognize IELTS scores, students need to have IELTS 6.0 to attend university and IELTS 6.5 to study Masters. Some schools also accept students if they have not yet obtained a degree but it requires them to take an English entrance exam for the school or take an English course organized by the school.

In addition, depending on the requirements of each school and each course, students may have to meet SAT, GRE, GMAT scores.

The required standard exams of the school

For high school, they do not need to take entrance exams. Usually in these schools only requires GPA (GPA> 8.0 is quite good) and high scores in English tests such as TOEFL, IELTS, .. will also be an advantage.

For undergraduate and postgraduate programs, there are the following basic exams:

- GRE: Graduate Record Examination General Test GRE scores are required by non-business graduate programs. This test consists of 3 parts: Math, reading comprehension, and logical analysis. This test score is especially important if students are planning to apply for a scholarship.

- GRE: Graduate Record Examination Subject Test Only a few graduate programs require students to take this exam and usually only in their major. The test is available for 16 different disciplines.

- SAT I: Reasoning test (General Tests) Many universities in the US require this test for both US and international students. This includes the math and reading comprehension sections.

- SAT II: Subject Test Students can choose from 1, 2, or 3 subjects in 20 different subjects. Only a few universities require international students to take this test.

- TOEFL (Test English As a Foreign Language): Compulsory English test for students whose first language is not English, applied for both undergraduate and graduate students. The test applies to all skills: listening, grammar, reading, writing, and vocabulary.

- GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test. Most masters and doctoral programs in economics require test scores for both US and international students. This test includes reading comprehension, math, and analytical and reasoning skills. Because at the University there will be higher requirements for students in both English and thinking because they want to ensure that you can acquire the knowledge in the lecture hall.

Students must qualify to apply for a student visa in the US

- Age 12 years and older.

- Academic performance, a transcript from Medium or higher.

- There is a continuous learning or working process.

- Having a bank account.

- There is enough finance to pay tuition, and living expenses.

Student need to prove that they will return to Vietnam after completing their studies

U.S. visa law provides that Consular Officers have the right to treat all non-immigrant visa applicants as intending immigrants until students can convince the Consular Officer that “You will return home country when completing study”. The proof of going back to Vietnam is related to students’ plans in the future after completing the course. The consular officer will base on students’ declaration, relevant documents, and plan after graduation to consider this.

For international students, US consular officers need to see that their application for a U.S. Student Visa is not for spontaneous or other reasons. The purpose is only that student wants to come to the US to study. And the decision to apply to study in the US was made because they had a good understanding of where they were going, the curriculum they were enrolled in ...

In conclusion, students need to prove to the consular officer that you currently have ties in Vietnam that make it impossible for you to have another reason to stay in the US such as family relationship, after completing the study, there will be a better future in Vietnam if compared to having to stay in the US (for example, when you finish studying, you will return to Vietnam to take over family facilities. , or you will have a career, a better future awaits in Vietnam.

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