Australia: The trend of short-term real estate rentals for work and self-isolation

These are special real estate products that are launched in the context of complicated epidemics, many companies and businesses allow employees to work at home and isolate themselves to avoid the risk of spreading the disease to each other. .

In Victoria, beach houses and cabins that are used for tourism and resorts are now being rented at a discount of up to 30%. Valley Ranges Getaways hotel manager, Mrs. Peta Rolls, said many real estate rental services in the Dandenong region are being opened and targeted to customers who want an isolated "vacation".

“This is a way for tenants to set up safety and self-isolation, working in an environment with beautiful scenery, fresh air and a rental house that is full of cooking, washing, and laundry"- Mrs. Peta said. economist, Nerida Conisbee, said a 130% increase in property rentals in Victoria showed that homeowners are looking for long-term tenants instead of tourists.

Rent beach houses to set up safety and self-isolation

Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites - Accommodation providers with more than 60 hotels mainly in Australia and New Zealand are also exploring this form of rental with special packages. Guests rent rooms are fully equipped to live and work remotely with high speed wifi. In addition, they can also use Deliveroo to deliver goods at the hotel room.

"During this challenging time, it is important for us to provide a comfortable, safe home for Australians and international visitors to isolate and protect themselves and the community" - Craig Hooley, CEO of Oaks Hotels, Resorts & Suites said.

Australians choose hotel to complete a 14-day quarantine

At Sydney, Q Station has also turned 40 of its hotel rooms into quarantine spaces for Australians returning from abroad who need to complete a 14-day quarantine. At $ 100 per night, the hotel doesn't make a lot of profit, but according to Chief Executive Alison Langley, it's about helping Australians and trying to stay in business in this context.



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these are, special real, estate products, that are, launched in, the context, of complicated, epidemics many, companies and, businesses allow, employees to, work at, home and, isolate themselves, to avoid, the risk, of spreading, the disease, to each, other