4 reasons to study abroad in Canada

Currently, the demand to study abroad for students tends to increase. In particular, studying in Canada has emerged as the first choice of international students. Why is Canada attractive to students? Mr. Hau Ba Tran - CEO of Globalway, a study abroad consultancy company, shared about the opportunities to study and work when studying abroad in Canada.

High quality education

One of the most reasons students choose to study abroad in Canada is the quality of education. Canadian qualifications are generally recognized as equal to those of the US, UK, or Australia, and Canadian universities consistently get high ranked in the world rankings of universities.

In fact, in a 2016 study, three Canadian universities were ranked among the top 50 best universities in the world.

There are many study program options to study in Canada from universities, colleges, high schools, vocational schools, but whatever programs, student are guaranteed to receive the quality best education.

Low expenditure

Expenditure is always the biggest barrier for students in deciding to study abroad. International students in Canada pay higher fees than local students. The average annual tuition for an international student to get a diploma’s degree is about 20,000-30,000 CAD/year (2016-2017), while in the US, this cost is about 32,762 - 42,419 USD/year.

Besides tuition, international students also need to pay accommodation fees and the cost of living in Canada. The cost of living in Canada is considered by many to be affordable for international students compared to other countries such as the US, Australia, and the UK. In 2016, the average cost of living per year for international students in Canada was 7,000-13,500 CAD/year, while in the US this cost about 14,000 - 23,000 USD/year.


Working during studying

Although Canada has a reasonable tuition fee, it is undeniable that studying abroad still requires a great cost. However, international students in Canada are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week during their study time and full-time 40 hours a week during holidays.

Most students do not need a work permit, whether the job is on or off campus. Your study permit will indicate if you are able to work off campus.

Immigration opportunities

When studying abroad in Canada, students will be granted a temporary residence permit in the country during studying and when the program ends, this license expires, students must return to the home country.

However, Canada has many programs that encourage international students to work and immigrate after completing their studies. Some options such as the Post-graduation work permit allow graduates to stay and work, providing opportunities for them to gain work experience in Canada in addition to programs such as provincial nominee, federal skilled worker, immigration,...


4 lý do chọn du học Canada

Globalway CEO Hau Tran (middle) meets with the leadership of George Mason University, USA

Canada is one of the largest economies in the world, so there are many job opportunities for students after graduation. As a student, you have the opportunity to connect with experts in your field.

During your studies as well as after graduation you may have the opportunity to work in leading Canadian companies. If you choose to stay in Canada, employers in Canada prefer candidates with experience working in Canada. So with the experience of studying and working in Canada, job opportunities will be much higher.

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Mr. Tran Ba Hau - CEO of Globalway, An Overseas Study Consulting Company, is also the president of Canadian system of international preschool Little Sol Montessori. Mr. Hau graduated with 03 university degrees in Vietnam and abroad in law and language, studied Master of Foreign Affairs and International Relations at the No. 1 school in Spain: Complutense Madrid University.

The young CEO is committed to starting an education career, because he thinks this is the only way to create the future generation of Vietnam, because he considers: to do education is to do from the beginning to change civilization of society.


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