About Globalway

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About Globalway

With a desire for development in the education sector since 2014, Globalway was established under the arduous constructions of young entrepreneur Tran Ba Hau.

At 36 years of age, Mr. Tran has already studied, worked, and lived globally. Born and raised in Vietnam, he has been a resident in Toronto, Canada for many years. A successful business person and investor, Mr. Tran is the founder of one of the largest and most recognised chains of international kindergartens in Vietnam.


With his knowledge in transnational business and an understanding of the education sector in Vietnam, Mr. Tran dreams to not only make it easier for Vietnamese students to study abroad but also - through Globalway - connect these bright individuals with multinational opportunities, with long-term goals of investment in and immigration to some of the top developed countries in the world - similar to what he achieved.

With an experienced team of consultants who previously studied, worked, or lived in Canada, Australia, the US, Singapore… and a network of established institutions and companies in 4 continents - Globalway is proud to be the first one-stop service provider for overseas education, investment, real estate, and immigration in Vietnam.



To be the number 1 one-stop service provider of Overseas Education - Investment - Real Estate in Vietnam.





With our knowledge and deep understanding of overseas education, Globalway wishes to bring our clients - including Vietnamese parents, guardians, students, and investors - transparent, accurate, and current information that meets expectations and guarantees successes and satisfactions. 


We are committed to helping Vietnamese investors stay up-to-date with global business trends, invest safely and profitably, and settle down in some of the top developed countries in the world - advancing the lives and the minds of Vietnamese people.



Goals & Objectives


In 5 years, Globalway aims to: 

- Become the number 1 one-stop service provider for overseas education, investment, real estate and immigration in Vietnam;

- Assist at least 5,000 Vietnamese students to study at high-ranking institutions in the world;

- Provide immigration and real estate consultation services for at least 1,000 investors


Business Principles

- Credibility in every action

- Consult with accuracy, sufficiency, and integrity

- Provide life-long client supports 

- Respect the expectations and desired benefits from clients and partners

- Transparent information and financial standards: all fees will be informed and specified