The Australian Government supports international students in applying for a Visa

In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Australian Government has policies to support international students in applying for visas to the country of kangaroos.

1. Free student visa:

- For international students who hold a student visa on or after 1/2/2020

- You must be agreed by the school that the extension of a student visa is influenced by COVID-19. The school will need you this form

- You can stay inside or outside Australia when applying for a student visa extension, the application is filed from August 6, 2020. Applications submitted before this date will not be refunded.

2. Visa 485:

- Online learning outside of Australia will be charged for international students who are HOLDING a STUDY VISA. This law has been passed by the Australian government and came into effect.

- Graduated international students who cannot return to Australia at this time can apply for a visa outside Australia when meeting other conditions of this visa. However, this law is still in the drafting process and has not yet come into effect. Globalway will update as soon as there is notice.

3. Student visas submitted outside of Australia will continue to be considered and issued if the applicant satisfies the conditions of the visa.

4. English language qualifications, fingerprints, medical examinations for student visas will be supplemented later if this is not possible due to COVID-19.

5. The student Visa will not be affected if the school agrees to allow you to reschedule or study online.

Overseas students who work in medical facilities, hospitals directly related to COVID-19 treatment, elderly care facilities or special care for disabled people will be able to work more than 40 hours/time. 2 weeks.

If your visa is about to or has expired, you need to urgently apply for a new, appropriate visa. A tourist visa may be an option if you have completed your course without leaving Australia. If you prove that you are not suitable for any other visa, or do not have enough money to pay the visa fee, you can apply for your 408 Visa (no visa fee).

Source: Home Affairs




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