Immigration opportunities in Canada: What major should choose to study?

Orientation to choose a major, choose a school when studying abroad is important for international students. For those of students intending to immigrate to Canada, choosing a suitable major is really vital. So you should choose the field of study to easily apply for immigration. Currently, there are many professions that lack skilled workers in Canada. Let’s with Globalway find in the article below.

Hospitality and Tourism Administration

According to the statistics of Canadian Business Magazine, in recent years, the number of job vacancies in this industry has increased by 46% and is expected to continue to increase in the coming years. Therefore, human resources for restaurants and hotels are in serious shortage.

Engineering - Information Technology

It is estimated that in 2019, the number of employees needed to recruit more for this industry in the states in Canada is about 180,000 people.


Human resources in businesses are always focused on big cities. This is one of the disciplines easily settled in Canada due to the necessity and importance of economic development. Salary at the level of Economic Management can range from 80,00 - 130,000 CAD/year.

Health care

Canada is a country with an aging population, so the health and wellness issues are focused. However, human resources in this industry are currently in short supply, unable to meet the needs of the people. Therefore, the government has set policies to prioritize Canadian immigration for Health Care students.

Architect and engineer

The strong growth in the construction field in Canada has created a huge demand for human resources. This is derived from projects, works to upgrade houses, build infrastructure to promptly serve the needs of people.


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