Expenditure studying in Australia

The overall expenses include tuition fees and the cost of living in Australia. These expenses vary from person to person but this article will guide you in direction to gain some form of understanding of what you should expect to pay for certain items and experience.

Tuition fees

It depends on how many units you registered during an academic year. However, schools/universities often update tuition fees information on their websites, so you are able to access and estimate how much you need to pay.

Despite its high study cost, Australia schools/universities regularly offer tons of study abroad scholarships for any student who wishes to study overseas, which is a big help in funding your experience. In addition, students are allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours per week.

Here is useful information about tuition fees in Australia from Globalway ( for reference):

  • High School: 7,800 - 30,000 AUD (4 semesters / 1 year)
  • English course: 400 AUD / week - Full-time opening of the year
  • Foudation: 18,000 - 20,000 AUD
  • University: 18,000 - 35,000 AUD
  • Master: 20,000 - 37,000 AUD
  • Doctorate: 14,000 - 37,000 AUD

Note:  for undergraduate, masters, and doctoral courses, fees for some majors will be charged more differently than the reference price above. On average, one year of tuition fees for studying in Australia will be about 30,000 - 45,000 AUD, maybe more if the school you attend is in the Top school. The education system is international so the cost of studying in Australia is not inexpensive.

Other fees include: 

  • Visa Fees About 628 AUD
  • OSHC premium 600 AUD - 700 AUD / year
  • Registration fee: Depending on the school
  • Health examination fee 106 AUD / time
  • Studying materials 700 AUD - 900 AUD

* Fees and charges may vary by time, program and school


The average cost of living in Australia

The average cost of living in Australia will greatly depend on your living arrangements. Some programs offer room and board included in the cost of the program, whereas others charge a flat rate and give you a monthly stipend for rent and food. Still, others will let you make your own living arrangements.

Room and board

Some students opted to live in the dorms at their host university. You need to pay around 320-1000 AUD per month. This is a great option for students who have to expend on a budget because of the convenience and an inexpensive, wonderful living environment. If you live on campus so you don’t need to worry about transportation, all of your meals which is included in the price, and you are able to make lots of Australian friends and have fun.

Other international students elect to find housing off-campus, such as apartments or shared-housing units, while others opt for a homestay. A homestay in Australia will cost roughly the same as dorms on campus, around 400-1000AUD per month. Shared housing units can be cheaper, and possibly a better option for students on a tighter budget. 

Other living expenses

Besides room and board, you will have some other living expenses as well. Refer to the following table for an approximate cost of the following living expenses:


Internet and cell phone

20-5- AUD per month

Student insurance

450 AUD per year


250-500 AUD per year (in Melbourne)


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the overall, expenses include, tuition fees, and the, cost of, living in, australia these, expenses vary, from person, to person, but this, article will, guide you, in direction, to gain, some form, of understanding, of what, you should, expect to, pay for, certain items, and experience