Study abroad in Australia - The best choice for international students

Studying abroad in Australia is a fantastic way to further your education and career prospects. In spite of its distance from Vietnam, Australia is still the best education destination with its dynamic cities, a professional English speaking environment, and full of job opportunities.

Dynamic cities

To international students or newcomers, there are so many fantastic and amazing cities in Australia that draw their attention such as Brisbane, Sydney, Perth, or Melbourne are all good places to live, study and work with beautiful beaches, delicious food, and vast parks. A little further are Adelaide and Hobart, which are suitable for those who love cultural festivals, wine, or other art forms. Performance arts in Australia are a beloved tradition and well funded by the federal government. Enrich your appreciation for the arts and attend any one of the several operas offered throughout each region.

Additionally, famous destinations like the Sydney Opera House, the National Gallery of Victoria, and the Darwin Festival of the Northern Territory join a collection of others to display the arts, histories, and music of the regions. Natural beauties like the Great Barrier Reef, Mount Augustus, and Kakadu National Park conspire to make one lose track of time.

Diverse culture

Australia culture is deeply influenced by many other cultures from all over the world. 

Australia is abundant in cultural dynamics derived from Aboriginal, Dutch, and English influences. Studying the conjoining of these cultures will surely be an interesting and eye-opening experience.

while cultural activities, like government-supported performance arts, aboriginal dances and singing and paintings on rocks, barks, and caves, conjoin to bring Australia’s history to life. When you study abroad in Australia you’ll be witness to a plethora of cultural offerings.

You’ll also be eating wonderful food during your time as a study abroad student. Traditional Australian cuisine is inspired by its British and Aboriginal roots. Local vegetables, meats, and grains combine with the seasonings and sauces of England to create well-loved Australian fare. Traditional roasts and wines are summoned to celebrate Sundays and meat pies, Billy tea, and smoked mettwurst give visitors a taste of various regions. If eating emu eggs, mincing your meat, and smothering your toast with vegemite and chutney sound like intriguing options, then consider studying abroad in Australia. Your taste buds will thank you!

Warm climate during the year

Located in the Southern Hemisphere, unlike most countries located on other continents, Australia has a complete reverse climate which is usually warmer. Therefore, when coming here, the luggage of international students often includes a few shorts, skirts, sneakers, and swimwear. Even if you come to Australia in the winter, you only need a few thin sweaters, some slightly thicker clothes.


Breathtaking scenery in Australia will never bring you down: Beaches, rainforests, deserts, floating islands, sunken islands, vineyards ... spread across the country. A popular way to explore Australia is to buy a camper and go on a trip with friends across the country.

Australian accent

Although many people think that when learning English, it must be fancy to speak the US or UK English, the Australian-English accent has its own lovely and funny features with special expressions.

Working opportunities

Australia is a great place to work part-time while attending school and full-time after graduation. Student visas in Australia allow you to work up to 20 hours a week (more than in other English-speaking countries), with very high wages in the retail and service industries.

If you have graduated and want to stay to work, you can completely apply for an Australian visa to work in this country by applying Visa Working Holiday (you can both travel, work). Settling in Australia is also good, with employment rates and high salaries compared to many other countries.


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