The reasons to study abroad in Singapore

Studying in Singapore is emerging as a leading destination for countries in Southeast Asia and Asia. So why do so many people choose to study abroad in Singapore? Together with Globalway to find the answer in the article below.

Singapore is among the top 15 countries worth living in

According to a review of the most livable countries in 2017 by US News & World Report in collaboration with consulting firm Y&R's BAV and the University of Pennsylvania research group, Singapore ranked 15th in the list. This result is assessed based on standards in 39 areas including political stability, personal freedom, environment, quality of education, health care...

Besides, Singapore is also in the top 5 of the cleanest countries in the world, this country has very strict sanctions for those who take action to pollute the environment, litter indiscriminately ... Even if visitors come to Singapore there are no exceptions.

Combining both of these factors, Singapore is truly a great choice for international and Vietnamese students. Coming to Singapore, international students not only enjoy the highest quality of life in the world but also learn how to change their bad habits to train their awareness and protect the environment. That is the difference that international students in the US or Canada cannot match international students in Singapore.

Top 15 most livable countries in the world including Singapore

The safest country in the world

Safety in Singapore includes political security, social security, and even nature issues.

The country has a very small area, only a second class city in Vietnam so the Singapore government has set extremely strict rules for citizens and tourists coming to this country. At the same time, the government has the capacity to control the situation of the country, without delay imposing appropriate penalties for those who intentionally break the law. Therefore, the security and political situation here is extremely safe and non-violent like the US, Germany, France, or many other countries in the world.

Besides, Singapore has an extremely ideal location not to suffer from the "rage" of nature such as storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, blizzards, sandstorms ... like other countries. Therefore, parents can feel secure to send their children to study here even if the children are of primary school age.

Economic development

Singapore is known as one of the Asian dragons with a booming economy in just a short time, becoming a major economic and financial center of the world. The economic indicators in this small country are among the top of the Asia Pacific countries, especially in the service sector. Therefore, Singapore is the first choice of world-class companies such as Disney, BBC, ESPN, Google ... to set up representative offices in Asia.

Singapore's developed economy is an opportunity for international students to accumulate the most valuable knowledge and experience during their study while practicing or visiting, observing the work of their international size. That is also why international students in Singapore can completely find a satisfactory job within 6 months after graduation and international students in Singapore are welcomed by many large corporations around the world, and prestigious universities receive to continue their higher education programs.

Accompanying the development of the economy is the development of infrastructure. Schools, hospitals, roads, houses, transportation... all meet the highest standards, modern and most convenient to bring domestic citizens, international students, and visitors. Travel feels most comfortable. The development of infrastructure provides is the endless inspiration for international students to try and make better efforts to study here and contribute to this country in the future.

Singapore economic development

No requirement to prove financial

One of the reasons why many international students choose Singapore is because this country does not have to prove financially when applying for a student visa - which is a big obstacle that American and British students often encounter when applying for a visa study abroad. Therefore, the procedure for Singapore student visa application is not complicated but quite easy. As a result, international students can save a lot of time and use that time to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills necessary for their upcoming trip abroad.

Geographical distance

Located in Southeast Asia, only 2,000 km apart with 2 hours of flight, so students in Singapore will not feel lost and far from home like American, Canada, UK students. Vietnamese students in Singapore can easily visit home on vacations without the cost as much as other international students in the world.

Eastern culture

The population of Singapore consists of Chinese and partly immigrants, so the culture is very close to Vietnamese people. Singapore also welcomes the Lunar New Year, also full moon mid-autumn should come to the island nation to study abroad, young people absolutely do not need to worry about difficult to integrate with life here, in contrast to the worry "cultural shock" as students in Western countries often encounter. A cozy atmosphere like home town gives students the motivation to try to study more.


If applying for a student visa without financial proof, what do you need to go to Globalway?

This is a question that many young people ask for Globalway when they intend to study in Singapore. For those of you who have been studying abroad, you will probably know that the visa application process is not the most difficult problem before studying abroad, but there are many other issues such as:

  • Choosing which schools are both of good quality and the field that you want to study can maximize your ability and uncover your potential strengths.
  • What are the costs of studying and living in Singapore?
  • What to keep in mind when living and studying in Singapore, what to do and what not to.

There are also many other questions that you will find it difficult to find the answers without the help of Globalway experts. So do not regret a moment, come to Globalway to get the best preparation before going to study abroad to make your dreams come true.

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studying in, singapore is, emerging as, leading destination, for countries, in southeast, asia and, asia so, why do, so many, people choose, to study, abroad in, singapore together, with globalway, to find, the answer, in the, article below